Early Warning &

Early Warning &

ApPello’s Early Warning & Monitoring system is a perfect tool for early detection of loan repayment discrepancies, allowing timely intervention to resolve potential difficulties.

Product Details

As well as standard credit monitoring the solution helps to manage arising issues immediately by triggering policy actions before further deterioration of a client’s financial situation.

The inbuilt monitoring supports the regular review of the full loan portfolio.


Early identification of non-performing loans, efficient credit monitoring

Parameterizable alerting mechanism, Automated detection of early warning signals

Classification, segmentation and strategy management

Action plans and risk intervention management

Provision and RWA mitigation, asset quality and solvency improvement

Expert estimation of risk categorisation (Loans, Customers)

Early Warning

Data gathering

  • Internal data sources
  • External data sources

Warning signal

  • Configurable signal definition
  • Automatic / manual generation
  • Configurable signal rating

Customer/Loan classification

  • Evaluation of signals
  • Automatic risk evaluation
  • Manual adjusment

Action Plan

  • Configurable action catalogue
  • Automated action planning
  • Action plan classification


  • Task execution
  • Customer/Loan evaluation
  • Outcome: Problem free/Watchlisted/Workout

Statistical based flexible
Early Warning calculation engine

The system works with an individually defined, extendable set of automatically or manually generated early warning signals. The monitored information, the sensibility of automatic signal generation as well as the “strength” of the signal are determined by business rules and can be easily parameterised by Power users. Signals can be, for example, decreased account turnovers, late payments, changes of client rating or information from an external credit blacklist.

Workflow based
escalation process

The classification process is started automatically by business rules that analyze the warning signals and propose an initial rating of the client. Business and risk management experts rate the client as well, this rating is also an input for the creation of an action plan. After the rating, the system decides about the action to be taken through an approval process. A 360° client overview, including client group information, supports decision making.

Action plans and handling
of risk mitigation tasks

In addition to the recognition of problems the system manages them with the creation of overridable action plans – based on the indicator signals – and the generation of new tasks to each action (rerating). The system inspects the allocation, execution and rescans of tasks.

Integrated loan monitoring

The Monitoring module supports the regulatory requirement for a periodic client review. The system automatically prepares monitoring sheets about the client (client base data and exposures) and assigns them to responsible users for evaluation. In the monitoring sheet the exposures of the client are rated individually, and the approval process is guided by a workflow.


ApPello’s AI Engine helps to identify early stress signals by using machine learning capabilities.
With the power of AI the system can uncover hidden patterns in customer behaviour and transform manual monitoring from a post-facto basis to reactive risk management.


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