ApPello Collateral Management System offers enterprise-wide collateral management solution which combines our expertise with the latest technologies. Our flexible and functionally rich platform provides efficient and innovative solutions for financial institutions to handle complex loan collateralized activities onsite or cloud based. 

Product Details

The fully configurable solution supports all aspects of collateral management, including loan collateral structure planning/modelling during the origination phase, complex eligibility calculations,

activation-maintenance-termination-workout processes, segmented activation criteria setup, optimized allocation algorithm, and maker-checker flow.


Improved Sales effectiveness with the functionality called Collateral Loan structure planning / Modelling, prompt Allocation calculation

Reduced operating Cost with easily changeable collateral attributes, processes, screens, eligibility rules

Reduction in capital and
optimized Loan loss provisioning with intelligent allocation algorithm

Compliance with Basel, Anacredit Regulations

Collateral Management

ApPello Collateral Management solution guides the user through the whole lifecycle of the collateral from the initial origination through (whichever is applicable) the registrationmonitoring, maintenance, indexation / depreciation calculation, revaluation, termination and workout processes.

It also covers the handling of related insurances. Solution opens customised screens based on user profile, controls data quality and consistency, sends notifications or pop-up warnings.

This gives you a comprehensive overview, reduces operational risk as you benefit from an efficient workflow, with all information gathered in one system.

Collateral registration

  • Modelling new applications changes in loan-collateral structure
  • Integration with external LOS
  • Checking loan exposure coverage
  • On-the-fly allocation
  • Policy check

Monitornig & Maintenance

  • Daily recalculation and monitoring of loan – collateral structures
  • Automated asset revaluation
  • Allocation of active loans-collaterals
  • Configurable eligibility calculation
  • Notifications in multiple formats

Workout and collection support

  • Cost & revenue registration
  • Financial analysis
  • Reporting

Collateral activation

  • Individual or bulk contract activation
  • Configurable activation criteria
  • 4-eyes principle
  • Update live loan – collateral structure

Collateral termination

  • Manual or automated collateral contract termination
  • Automated asset release
  • Alerts & warnings

collateral catalogue

ApPello’s Collateral Managmeent currently supports 10 main types of collaterals such as real estates, movables, guarantees, etc. Under each collateral type there are possible categories and sub-categories. This sub-categorization provides the possibility to specifically name what collateral we are talking about, e.g. Real estate / Residential / Family house, and also to differentiate the main parameters for every sub-category.



The key to truly efficient collateral management lies in how to determine the optimal way to allocate your collaterals to exposures. The allocation optimization (with multiple built-in methodologies) is possible for provision and/or capital as well. The allocation runs with refreshed exposure risk values and reevaluated collateral asset values at the end of every day for the whole portfolio. The algorithm can be started for a particular customer group on-the-fly during the daily operation. The users receive an immediate feedback about the required coverage and available collateral values in each allocation method.

Discover additional
sales potential

The system visualizes facility-loan-collateral contract-collateral asset (object) structures and allocation results. This graphic appearance also helps executing new actions (e.g. sandbox calculations for adding new collateral to the financing structure) and performing maintenance tasks (e.g. replacement of existing collateral to a new one). Based on our customers’ feedback it also helps identifying complex business cases and opportunities. A few examples: handling cross-collaterals between different partners and facilities, portfolio guarantees, collateral replacements, etc. Acquire a significant competitive advantage by recognise your customers’ needs first-hand.

Comply with
Basel & Anacredit

The ever-changing regulatory environment makes it harder each year but also even more important to comply with existing standards of Basel regulations and the recently introduced ones such as AnaCredit. Apart from the full compliance, the solution provides a comprehensive flexibility toolset that can help our clients maintain full control over the application settings and reducing IT maintenance cost.

E.g. dedicated business users may easily configure the eligibility and enforceability rules, set up and maintain the collateral catalogue and all the business parameters.


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