No matter if you are just starting your lending business or are already an established loan provider, ApPello’s Digital Loan Management system provides you an effective toolset to serve your bank’s clients of every size, from retail to large corporate.

Enhancing your product portfolio has never been so easy – you can easily configure a new product, run the necessary tests and enjoy the benefits of launching new products within days. This innovative, flexible and unified set of tools will help your organisation face the current and future challenges of the banking world.

Product Details

Advanced users can define and maintain workflows, configure business rules, screens, and modify page layouts themselves. The Digital Loan Management platform implements a comprehensive credit product administration, offers fee handling, easy document generation and native integration to ApPello’s Digital Collateral Management System to make your lending business as smooth and seamless as never before.

ApPello offers its Digital Loan Management primarily as SaaS and as an on-premises solution upon request. The solution is cloud agnostic and can make use AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform’s native technologies.


Flexible loan management across Retail, SME and Corporate sectors

From cash loans through revolving lines to mortgages for retail

Short time-to-market due to flexible product configuration

Scalable solution to allow growth from small to large client base

Loan management, origination decision engine... within one suite

360 degree overview and monitoring

Retail products

ApPello Collateral Management System can support:

  • Personal loans
  • Cash loans
  • PoS loans
  • Payday loans
  • Bullet loans
  • Balloon loans
  • Credit lines
  • Revolving loans
  • Mortgages
  • Lombard loans
  • Subsidised loans

SME & Corporate products

ApPello Collateral Management System can support:

  • Corporate loans
  • Revolving credits
  • Overdrafts
  • Working capital loans
  • Project financing loans
  • Asset backed credit
  • Auto financing credit

Loan management

The ApPello Digital Loan Management System automates the loan account maintenance processes of the bank from disbursement through to termination of the loan. The application provides a comprehensive solution for the bank’s administrative tasks, managing all the transactions related to the maintained loans. The application supports retail and corporate credit processes throughout a loan’s complete life-cycle.

event handling

The system can handle all types of events and transactions that are related to the loan lifecycle. It helps with creating and validating loan transactions with the four-eyes principle, automates loan disbursement, can effectively handle early repayment or rescheduling, expiry, and termination. These events are supported by daily calculation of interest, fees, fee handling, notification generation, automatic collection at due date for your effective operation and highest efficiency.

  • 40+ event types for different use-cases in the system
  • Regular and ad-hoc instalments supported by prepared and executed repayments
  • Loan lifecycle events controlled with automatic execution or manual approval based on four-eyes principle

product catalogues

Product and properties can be identified in the product catalogue. The product definition specifies exactly which parameters of a particular transaction type are fixed, and which parameters can be varied in which range. You can freely set up tailored product structure and going to market with a new product or idea has never been easier.

  • Quick product definition
  • Fix or default value conditions for all features
  • Various repayment methods
  • Accounting settings according to the policy
  • Field descriptors for all screens

repayment structure

Repayment schedule generation is always a very complex task. The system has built in very flexible repayment structure generation, that incorporates annuity and other type of repayment calculations. The feature is able to :

  • Handle repayment terms and deadlines
  • Support interest and regular fee payments
  • Use interest change dates in the calculation
  • Handle grace period
  • Respect minimum and maximum amount

Commission &
Fee handling

Besides flexible fee generation the system can apply fees to any event that happens during the lifecycle of the loan. The fees are:

  • Flexible fee and commission definition by product type, transaction type and client segment
  • Various fee calculation methods: fixed or percentage combination


Within the system, there is an advanced, template-based Advice and Report generation tool that can be easily customised. The templates, in terms of advice, report and document generation, are defined in the most widespread formats: The advice templates are in MS Word.

The reports can be generated by the same template-based tool or back office users can export what they see on their own user interface in XLS or PDF. The system can store and retrieve all generated documents. Full integration with the client’s main document management tool is also possible.


If you serve corporate segment mainly, you can utilise the Facilities / Limits which are optionally linked to the lo the grouped loans. It helps you to aggregate outstanding or contracted amounts.
If you are eager to sell popular subsidised loans either in retail or SME segment, Appello Digital Loan Management is ready to help you. It can calculate, book and settle subsidised interest separately, and can calculate margin by loans.

If 24/7 working is crucial for your business, online lending functionality is available without „Close of Business”. 


Banking customer experience as well as internal operator user experience requires an omnichannel mindset and toolset. We designed our solutions with mobile devices and other corporate channels in mind. This means our solutions are easy to set up with any digital interface. 

Digital lending for a
seamless E2E process

ApPello’s Loan Management System can be bundled together with any digital lending module. Our Digital Customer Portal includes onboarding functionality that helps you to acquire new customers and serve them in the digital space, while the Loan Origination Solution drives the process behind this. All processes on the portal are seamlessly linked to the back-end. All data traffic is automatic and seamless, as the front-end and back-end are on the same platform. Our Decision Engine and sophisticated system for Collateral Management help with reducing credit risk, while ApPello’s Collection module supports collection-related processes at every stage.


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